1: There are three kinds of armor in our shop

The first is the samurai armor props, which can be worn by real people. Its material is iron sheet,FRP,soft rubber, rope and cloth. This kind of armor is characterized by lightness, firmness and durability. The whole set of armor weighs about 12kg, suitable for parade, activity, film and television, etc. 


The second is the metal Samurai armor, which can also be worn by real people. Its material is made of iron, rope and cloth. This kind of armor is characterized by delicacy and good ornamental. The weight of the full set of armor is about 20kg, which is suitable for decoration, viewing, etc.


The third is the armor parts. Customers can select the armor parts in our shop, assemble them according to the pictures, and make their own armor.


2:The price of this product includes a complete set of armor and armor rack (excluding the lower wooden case, which used to be damaged in the logistics)

3:Our armor is all made by measure. Customers need to provide height and weight data to us , so please contact us before you buy it

4:It will take about 10 days to make and then deliver.The time for transportation varies according to different parts of the world. We will ship the goods after the completion of production. Generally, the goods can reach you in a week or so.Together with the time of our production, it will arrive in about 20 days, after you make the payment successfully.

5:The outer package size of the armor is 50 * 40 * 40cm, and the weight is about 13.5kg

6:You can ask me any questions about the armor at