Shipping & Returns


All our products are purchased online in our international Taobao store, so please feel free to purchase. Our products support global transportation, JCB, visa, master and other online payments just like all the products on Taobao

International Taobao shopping process

Select "buy now"【立即购买】 or "add to shopping cart"【加入购物车】 to place an order. When placing multiple orders, you are recommended to use the add to shopping cart【加入购物车】, and then pay in combination!

Select [buy now]【立即购买】 to enter the select receiving address page, please fill in the receiving address, select "official logistics - centralized transportation"【集运】 service in "logistics mode"

The items you selected will be displayed at the bottom of the page, showing the total amount you need to pay. Check your commodity information, amount and other information, and click [submit order] 【提交订单】to enter the payment page to complete the payment. After the payment is successful, the system will automatically provide the address of the transfer warehouse to the seller for shipment;

After the packages are signed in and put into storage by the transfer warehouse, you can consolidate and transport them. Click "XX centralized transportation" XX集運」on the homepage, and then click "to be centralized transportation"(待集运)to view the distribution status of the goods. After the goods are put into the transfer warehouse, a check box will be displayed. Check the goods to be consolidated, and click "one click package settlement"「一键合包结算」;

After clicking "next"(下一步), the system will split the package according to the delivery limit and automatically calculate the freight from the mainland warehouse to the region. After confirmation, click Submit and pay「提交并支付」

Complete the payment of the logistics cost of the second link. After the payment of the transfer fee is successful, the forwarder will deliver the goods to your final receiving address as soon as possible, and you can wait for receiving goods safely;

To view the order logistics details, click "logistics order"“物流订单,find the order to be queried, and then click "view logistics" “查看物流”to query

returnOur armor is all made by measure. Customers need to provide height and weight data to us , so please contact us before you buy it.Customized products are not supported for return.